Civil Litigation

Whether you find yourself harmed by another or accused of harming someone else (the Plaintiff or Defendant), Attorney Caffrey handles all aspects of civil litigation.

Disagreements happen. If both parties can’t reach a mutually agreeable solution, they may turn to the courts for help. Civil litigation generally includes all disputes that are formally submitted to a court, about any subject in which one party is claimed to have committed a wrong, but not a crime.

Civil litigation takes many forms, but generally, this is the legal process that most people think of when the word "lawsuit" is used.

Litigation is incredibly expensive, stressful and unpredictable. It should be avoided if possible, but if it cannot be avoided often it is better handled through Mediation or Arbitration.

Attorney Caffrey is experienced in Mediation and Arbitration. If both parties are willing to work together, your matter may be resolved in a more cost effective and amicable manner.